What do you do…?

What do you do

When one prominent person in your community is constantly telling vicious lies in order to turn people against you and the work you do for women’s liberation?

When this person publishes these lies in the public domain, and has so much sway that people start to believe them?

When this adversely affects the work you do to promote liberation for women?

When these lies start to include people you care about,  just because they stood up for you?

When dignified silence doesn’t work any more….?


Feminism Was Never About Choice

I’ll never be a choosy-choice feminist. My choices under the patriarchy are limited by my very existence. I’m female. I was a girl. I’m now a woman. And my choices have never been free.

When the suffragettes fought for our right to vote, it wasn’t about choice. It was about changing the status quo to allow ALL adult voices to be heard. It challenged the very core of a patriarchy which insisted that women were less-than, property of their husbands and fathers, best kept quiet and in the home, to raise children and be fucked.

When second-wavers fought for the right to make decisions on behalf of our own bodies, it wasn’t about choice. It was about challenging the still intact status quo that women were property. It challenged the patriarchal institutions of Government, Medicine and Religion to recognise that women are their own, and only they must make decisions about their health and reproductive abilities.

Patriarchy, mildly affected by these movements, still remains very much intact. Third-wave feminism seems to have forgotten patriarchy altogether, and simply views feminism as the right for women to choose what they want to do without recognising females as an oppressed class.

I realise this is sounding very Feminism 101 right about now, but the message is still not getting across. Women are not equal.

Where there are laws which intend to help make us so, there still remains beliefs, ideologies, and structures in place which prevent those laws from being adhered to and enforced.

Where there are “equal opportunities” in the workplace, we are still being schooled from a very early age in the fine art of gender, which ends up keeping women out of the majority of traditional “men’s work” while at the same time brainwashing us to believe that we’ve “chosen” those jobs which are less important, less high-paying, etc.

Where we have laws protecting our hard-won rights to protect ourselves from dangerous physical conditions such as pregnancy, those laws are being chipped away at by the kinds of people who still retain those patriarchal thoughts and beliefs, and who hold power within the structures which either uphold or negate those laws.

With all of the known damage that the sex industry causes to women, our male-centred media is constantly reinforcing that these “jobs”, which some women “choose”, are actually empowering, instead of insisting on the protection of women and children from the pay-to-rape industry which strengthens men’s belief in their own entitlement to the bodies of women and children.

When the scope of choice is so narrow because of economic and social systems and widely-held beliefs that reinforce female subordination, how can this ever be called “choice” at all?!

Choice implies that most or all avenues are available to explore, and in a world under patriarchy, for women, this is ludicrous.

Liberal Feminism cannot widen the scope of choice for women when it continues to deny that women as a class are oppressed in almost every aspect of life under patriarchy, and that their choices are in no way equal to those of men.

Feminism is about LIBERATING WOMEN, from men, from the patriarchy, from the structures which keep them oppressed and incapable of any real choice, not telling us that our available options are somehow empowering to choose, and insisting that we ought to be grateful for the scraps.

Feminine Hygiene Wash is Patriarchal BS (or Why Your Cunt Smells Weird)

**contains fairly vivid descriptions of hetero intercourse**

You know what really fucking bugs me?
Feminine hygiene wash.

Moreso now than ever before, that shit really gets to me. And I’ll tell you why.

Now I don’t mean to get all cliché radical feminist on you, but my reading and studies of radical feminist literature, as well as reading feminist blogs online, has contributed to a dormant need within me to remove myself sexually from men. I’ve actually gone so far as to leave the “love of my life” in order to pursue a sabbatical of celibacy, away from men, surrounded by women, in order to best understand who I am without attachment to a man.

And I’ve noticed something:
The only time my cunt has ever smelled unpleasant is when I have had unprotected hetero sex and the man has ejaculated inside me.

Any man. No matter the makeup of his ejaculate. Sure, I’ve had guys who’ve made me smell worse than others have, but the fact remains that in the 48 hours after sex (at least ) my cunt smells noticeably, unnaturally stinky, no matter how much I clean myself immediately after, nor how much I wash during that time.

Enter **Feminine Hygiene Wash**. For your extra smelly areas, ladies, you know which ones we mean hurr durr.

Good thing I’ve seen blogs and articles talking about how smelling “down there” is natural and we’re being sold shit we don’t need by capitalist patriarchy, now they’ve invented a special kind of pad for “crotch sweat” for when you exercise, it’s just like everything else, ladies, don’t let them convince you you’re gross, blah blah blah.

The thing is, I’ve been more aware of how I smell “down there” since ceasing PIV intercourse, and you know what?! I smell pretty fucking great. Not so great that I wanna bottle it and sell it as Paris Hilton Essensual or anything*, but still, I can tell I smell like I’m supposed to smell. Even on depressed days/weeks when I don’t shower, I still smell normal. Nothing like those 48 hours after PIV.

Am I using feminine hygiene wash to keep me smelling like roses? No! What I’m not doing is letting some guy ejaculate semen into my vagina which, due to evolution, is designed to hold a bunch of it and not let go, even when the rest of my body and hormones say “Give it up, we’re not trying to get pregnant!”

In short:
We’re awesome as we are. Then they come along, tell us we’re only good for one thing, prove it by fucking us and dumping a bunch of smelly bodily fluids into us, and then complain that we smell bad, and invent some shitty soaps and deoderants to mask the smell so they can get back to fucking us sooner, without the unpleasant odours. Rinse, fucking repeat.

Feminine Hygiene Wash sure as fuck feels like the tip of this particular iceberg of misogyny and the shitty way that men treat women. Make us smell, express dismay that we aren’t good for sex (read: anything) anymore, then make us feel like there’s something wrong with us if we don’t take responsibility and do something about said smell. We feel guilty, use the needless product which masks the smell they inflicted upon us, and then they go back to convincing us to accept the whole sordid lot all over again.

Don’t buy it, my darlings. Not just the feminine hygiene wash (which I bought a total of once in my entire life, over ten years ago) but the whole fucking lot of it. And if you do happen to continue PIV and your man complains about how you smell “down there”, punch him in the face and remind him what’s making it smell.

*I am not Paris Hilton incognito, btw

Identity Politics: Illogical.

You can’t identify AS something. You either ARE that thing or you AREN’T.

You can’t change the definition of that thing to suit yourself.

You can’t change the definition of Lizard to “scaled creature with a pair of arms and a pair of legs”, and then tattoo scales on yourself and say you’re a Lizard. You’re a fucking human being.

Just as you cannot change your species, you cannot change your sex. You’re cosmetic surgery-ing yourself to look like something you’re not, you might even be convinced, and be so earnest as to convince others that you feel like something you’re not, even though logic says you cannot know how it feels to be something you’re not, but baby, you ain’t that thing when the chips are down.

You can fool some of the people some of the time…

Forcibly Corrected v. Trans*

If women’s rights were seriously appointed and adhered to, to the point of liberation (for which all radical feminists strive), then the rights which trans*people are also fighting for would be granted.

Nobody would be discriminated against because of their sex. Nobody would be forced to adhere to patriarchal stereotypes and gender roles. Male violence (whether against gender conformers or non-conformers) would not be tolerated. Everyone would be allowed to express themselves in their own way without fear of intolerance. Biological sex and reproduction would not be used as a discrimination tool.

Et al.

I don’t understand why so many trans folk are screaming for their own special rights when their rights are protected under sex-based protections and legislation. It seems safe to assume that it’s all about gender…

If we are to believe that MtTs are in every way female despite their male biology and upbringing, and if so many of these trans*women are identifying with pretty much everything else feminism has to say, WHY are they in such opposition to the very basic tenet of feminism that seeks to liberate women by emphasizing one of the very basic truths of our oppression as a class, our biological reality? If you are “really a woman”, and a feminist, why does the buck stop here?

For example: If I were a female who happened to be incapable of reproducing, this would not stop me from fighting for the rights of females to basic bodily autonomy and reproductive choice. I would still be able to see that, although I am different to them (and not personally affected by the dangers of impregnation), the oppression we ALL face is based on this most fundamental biological reality. I certainly wouldn’t be trying to erase this part of their oppression by insisting that because I am not oppressed in this way, that the entire class cannot be.

Similarly, the oppression of women continues through the enforcement of stereotypical gender roles and norms. ALL females will be oppressed under this system, whether they conform to gender sex-stereotypes or not. How can someone call themselves a woman, and ask us to believe it, when they are incapable of recognizing that gender is not an “inherent trait” used to identify oneself, but rather an extremely effective tool used to wield oppression against women in a patriarchal society?

The lack of choice (available options) for women, combined with specific gendered upbringing – leading us away from most of those few available options, lest we be socially ostracized (which we are raised to view as the worst punishment ever, see where this is heading?) – negates the idea that we are free and willing participants in the “choices” we make. I raise this issue specifically because the idea that women who do not transition (“cis”) are simply “comfortable” with their gender identity matching up to their given sex prevails, even as many radical feminists challenge and refute this notion, particularly those of us who are gender non-conforming lesbians. This trans* created fallacy about “people who are comfortable/uncomfortable with their sex and gender” allows those who support the trans ideology of “innate gender” to insist that these women are somehow “privileged” because their sex and gender expression “match up”, where those of trans*people do not. This belief perpetuates the lie that we have full agency and unlimited choice, which could not be further from the truth.

Femininity is carved into females in a painstakingly constant process from birth. Those who do not submit to this process (gender non-conforming females) are shown to be even less valued by society than those who do, which further encourages girls to submit to society’s narrow, rigid, and harmful expectations by way of that ever-popular ostracism threat.  They are damaged in a way that is comparable to those left-handed children who were forced (often violently via threats, caning, etc) to use their right hand. “Corrected”.

That this is born women’s reality should be acknowledged by those who wish to appropriate those enforced behaviors, all the while insisting that those behaviors are “innate traits” that we should not only be grateful for, but are privileged because of. It is evil incarnate to suggest to a group of oppressed people that you are the same as they are, simply because your behavioral patterns are similar, when you have not experienced the forceful carving of those behaviors in order to behave similarly, when you have chosen to identify yourself by the clothing and the behaviors that have been inflicted on that oppressed group as a way of controlling them.

For those “trans*feminists” who would have us believe that they are women trapped in men’s bodies, that they have always been women, even with male biology, why is it so difficult to take your feminist beliefs that final step further and refuse to see gender as something innate? If we are right about so much, why does the buck stop here? Maybe because that one belief will turn your “trapped in the wrong body” feeling into something much harder to fight against: That you are really not a woman at all, but a gender non-conforming man, but that patriarchy is the root of your own oppression even so.

Where Are Our Allies? (On Trans* Feminists and their Ever-Elusive Support for Women’s Liberation)

I’m constantly online, favouring feminist blogs and sites (as is my wont, that and Facebook) and it seems I’m forever hearing the crow of injured trans*activists and their kin crying out for their “cis allies” to back them up and chase the naughty TERFs and RadFems out of whatever argument they’re currently having because: trans*phobia.

I keep wondering to myself where our allies are…

I mean, you never, ever see trans*folk coming out in support of pretty much anything another feminist says, unless it is directly in line with current trans* politics, or, rather, the enforced ideology of the loudest/most popular/most visible members of the community.

It seems that trans* women who call themselves feminists are only able to buy into as much feminism as already sits well with their trans*ideology. Anything else, as far as I can tell, is considered either outdated, bigoted, or just plain nonsense.

As a hetero woman in a relationship myself, it has been eye-opening to say the least to read essay after essay, blog post after blog post, about compulsory heterosexuality and the harm that PIV sex exposes women to. Nevertheless, although I have spent a lifetime taking onboard the messages society sends me about my role in the world (as being sexually available to men in every way), I find myself seriously considering ridding my life of PIV sex altogether, thanks to some extremely sound feminist analyses. Even though I might not resonate strongly with the idea due to my conditioning, the ideology is rational and in line with my feminist beliefs. It might make me uncomfortable to consider, but it makes logical sense.

Why, then, are trans* women feminists only able to accept 95% of feminist analysis, and why is the trend now to reduce feminism (even among WBW) to “trans* approved” ideology and denounce anything else as bigoted and trans*phobic? 

Is it really because they are the most oppressededest?

There is a very real possibility (us “Radscum” would suggest it’s a probability, even an inevitability) that the non-acceptance of specific fundamental feminist theory (that of gender as social construct rather than innate trait) by not only the trans* and feminist communities, but the wider community as well,  will result in a group even more marginalized and oppressed than trans*folk consider themselves to be.

Current trans* lobbyists, parents of gender non-conforming children, and law makers are well on their way to instilling an even more conservative society where sex is deemed irrelevant, while sex-based stereotypes (gender) become the defining characteristics of us all. This is in direct opposition to the ideology of the Women’s Liberation Movement which set out to erode those stereotypes so that women (and men) could display natural human behaviours without being discriminated against in a society that has narrowed those behaviours into two categories (masculine and feminine) and enforced them according to each individual’s sex.

Now, those groups i mentioned are insisting on letting children make life-altering (and often irreversible) decisions about their bodies and their futures before they’ve even hit puberty! At this early stage of their lives, they can’t legally drive a car, or vote, or drop out of school, or smoke, or drink alcohol. Their brains aren’t even fully developed until they’re in their mid-twenties, and the last part of the brain to finish developing is the part that is capable of making long-term decisions and determining probable consequences for them. And they’re pushing to give children who are mentally and physiologically incapable of consequence analysis the right to permanently alter their body and commit to a lifetime of medical treatment?!

What happens when those children grow up and their brains finish developing and they are able to question the fact that they were allowed, even encouraged, to make these decisions in pre-pubescence? Some may be grateful, sure, but others… You can guarantee there are kids out there real grateful their parents didn’t let them do plenty of the things their 12 year old selves wanted to do. I’d suggest these would be the majority, and when that’s the case, you’ve got an entire crowd of people who have been permanently damaged by society’s blind acceptance of “gender identity”. Think eugenics, people. Think female genital mutilation. Think natural left-handers who were caned for not using their right. Those kids are gonna be pissed adults.

Which leads me to the most oppressedest. In the above scenario, who’s more oppressed? Considering the probability that those pissed adults (who were transitioned in childhood based on their exposure to an extremely gender-conscious society) are going to come to the same conclusion as radical feminists (that gender is a social construct, the elimination of which would require exactly no one to undergo surgery and hormone therapy in order to “be themselves”), where the hell are the trans* feminists who are willing to put their own experience down to an upbringing in an extremely gender-conscious society and protect others from going through the same traumatizing gender dysphoria that they’ve been through?! The dysphoria only exists because of the gender-soaked culture which has nurtured it, to the detriment of women and men alike, trans or not.

Why are WBW feminists the ones who have to mould their own politics to fit in with the popular trans* ideology of the moment? Where are the trans* feminists who are moulding their politics out of ours?  Why are our politics the ones that need changing? Why is it always women’s theories and ideologies that have to fit in with everyone else’s?

Where the hell are our trans* allies?!