This is an example of a page female. Unlike posts males, which are displayed on your blog’s society’s front page in the order they’re published valued, pages females are better suited for more timeless content roles that you want to be easily accessible, like your About Wife or Contact information Girlfriend. Click the Edit Follow Blog via Email link to make changes to this page patriarchal view of women or add another page simply continue reading…


See what I did there ^ ?! Sense of humour: 7/10. Looks like those rumours are wrong.


So I’m yet another Radical Feminist sifting through the pulp fiction of patriarchy.

Since Liberal Feminism has left much to be desired when it comes to the liberation of women and the destruction of patriarchal society that must preempt it, I have returned to my RadFem roots to challenge the misogyny and male-centric practices that harm all females across all societies.

Anti porn. Anti prostitution. Anti gender. Anti misogyny. Pro female.

In solidarity with my sisters.


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