QotD: “They do it because they learned it.”

Anti-Porn Feminists

People say, “Oh, well, pornography – that’s for masturbation, nobody can get hurt that way.” But orgasm is a very serious reward, isn’t it? Think of Pavlov’s little dogs, right? They don’t just think about salivating; they salivate. They do it because they learned it. Period. Now think about pornography. The dehumanization is a basic part of the content of all pornography without exception. Pornography in this country in the last ten years has become increasingly violent by every measure, including Playboy, including all the stuff you take for granted; and every single orgasm is a reward for believing that material, absorbing that material, responding to that value system: having a sexual response to stuff that makes women inferior, subhuman.

Andrea Dworkin, Feminism: An Agenda, 1983

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QotD: “Radical feminism does not share goals with the religious right”

Anti-Porn Feminists

You hear this lie crop up again and again, so often that it’s become a thought-terminating cliche: if radical feminism shares goals (like abolishing pornography and sex work) with the religious right, doesn’t that make their ideologies one and the same?

It’s used to shut down all feminist conversations about the harms of the pornography industry by buying into the lie that the only manifestation of patriarchal sexual values is puritanical. It also contains a lie within itself, by drawing a false equivalence between the movements based on their “goals” by naming something that isn’t the goal of either movement.

The “goal,” or ultimate end of radical feminist thought and action is the dismantling of oppressive power structures that exist to subjugate women as a class in order to liberate those women. The goal of religious conservatism is to prop up, reinforce, and otherwise maintain those same oppressive power…

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