Open Letter to Denise E. Brogan-Kator

Most excellent.

Sex matters.

Some very unpleasant things have been happening lately in the “radical feminist” community. Well, no, they’ve been going on for a long time, much too long, and I want to finally be clear about something. While my political views are most closely aligned with what is commonly classified as “radical feminism,” I do not consider myself in solidarity with Cathy Brennan or her ilk. Here’s an illustration of our differences.

Recently, a transwoman named Denise Brogan-Kator posted an open letter regarding what she perceives as significant points of disagreement between “trans” supporters and “radfems.” She also called for greater cooperation between the groups. There was a Brennan-approved (<link) response posted at shortly thereafter. Here’s a pdf in case the post gets pulled (for some reason the blog seems to be going intermittently private and I don’t want anyone to miss the stark contrast).

I consider the response at…

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