Open Letter to Denise E. Brogan-Kator

Most excellent.

Sex matters.

Some very unpleasant things have been happening lately in the “radical feminist” community. Well, no, they’ve been going on for a long time, much too long, and I want to finally be clear about something. While my political views are most closely aligned with what is commonly classified as “radical feminism,” I do not consider myself in solidarity with Cathy Brennan or her ilk. Here’s an illustration of our differences.

Recently, a transwoman named Denise Brogan-Kator posted an open letter regarding what she perceives as significant points of disagreement between “trans” supporters and “radfems.” She also called for greater cooperation between the groups. There was a Brennan-approved (<link) response posted at shortly thereafter. Here’s a pdf in case the post gets pulled (for some reason the blog seems to be going intermittently private and I don’t want anyone to miss the stark contrast).

I consider the response at…

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Transgender Rights: The Elimination of the Human Rights of Women



Removing the legal right of women to organize politically against sex-based oppression by males

Removing the legal right of women to assemble outside the presence of men

Removing the legal right of women to educational programs created for women outside the presence of men

Eliminating data collection of sex-based inequalities in areas where females are underrepresented

Elimination of sex-based crime statistics

Eliminating athletic programs and sports competition for women and girls

Removing the legal right of women to be free from the presence of men in areas of public accommodation where nudity occurs

Elimination of grants, scholarships, board and trustee designations, representative positions, and affirmative programs for women

Removing the legal right of women to create reproductive clinics, rape crisis services, support groups, or any organizations for females

Eliminating media and all public discourse specific to females

Removal of the right of journalists to report the sex, and history, of…

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