Identity Politics: Illogical.

You can’t identify AS something. You either ARE that thing or you AREN’T.

You can’t change the definition of that thing to suit yourself.

You can’t change the definition of Lizard to “scaled creature with a pair of arms and a pair of legs”, and then tattoo scales on yourself and say you’re a Lizard. You’re a fucking human being.

Just as you cannot change your species, you cannot change your sex. You’re cosmetic surgery-ing yourself to look like something you’re not, you might even be convinced, and be so earnest as to convince others that you feel like something you’re not, even though logic says you cannot know how it feels to be something you’re not, but baby, you ain’t that thing when the chips are down.

You can fool some of the people some of the time…


2 thoughts on “Identity Politics: Illogical.

  1. Fascinating. Now, perhaps, you could provide your definition of “woman” that simultaneously only allows female-assigned-at-birth people to be women and yet isn’t biologically essentialist? Because I’m having a hell of a time thinking of one that recognizes Gender as a social construct and doesn’t allow at least some category of people who aren’t female-assigned-at-birth, no matter how rare, to be considered women. Even something as extreme as “someone who is socialized from the youngest age socialization matters strictly as a woman” would allow someone who was, say, raised from infancy or toddlerhood as a woman to be one, regardless of their original gender assignment.

    • The problem with suggesting that any kind of feminism is biological essentialism is that biological essentialism means “because i am born x i must behave a certain way”.

      The entire point of feminism, indeed radical feminism, is that we do not believe that people are destined to behave a certain way because of their genetics, rather, that behaviours are learned and taught, and later, sometimes chosen.

      So to suggest that the sex class “woman” only including females is biological essentialism is to completely misunderstand what essentialism actually IS.

      That “women think/feel/behave a certain way” is biological essentialism, that is, that all who “identify” as women in adulthood do so because of an internal common feeling or set of behaviours. This is inaccurate and essentialist.

      Although there are discrepancies within biological sex in both men and women, particularly secondary sex characteristics for example, this does not mean that the two sexes overlap in any way (disregarding intersex conditions in this instance, because they are so vastly uncommon and have little to do with the idea of “trans sex”).

      For example, a woman who does not menstruate still has the physical capability and potential to be impregnated. Perhaps it becomes impossible to follow through if her reproductive hormones are out of sync, or she has PCOS, or any number of reasons, but she is still viewed by those who impregnate women as able to be impregnated.

      This is where it stems from, our need for feminism, our oppression : we are the group of humans able to be impregnated by those who impregnate. When you get right down to it, that’s what it is. It isn’t “biological essentialism” to say that women are able to be impregnated and men aren’t. Being impregnated isn’t a behaviour, it’s a fact, a physical reality. Not an “identity”, not an idea.

      It’s not about behaviours, which are taught and learned, behaviours which in our society are GENDERED and thus inform people’s “gender identity”. Un-gender those behaviours, and the ability to have a “gender identity” goes away. The physical capability and potential to be impregnated, and to impregnate, however, do not.

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