Moron Bigotry

This is fantastic! Constantly being told that we are bigots and “Hate” the people who participate in the things we ideologically oppose, it becomes almost amusing when we explain that it is actually because we give a shit about people that we have these analyses, as opposed to being uncaring bigots and haters. Almost amusing.

The Arctic Feminist

My last post wasn’t pithy enough, I need to delve into this a bit more.

Okay so the current theme with the sex pos crowd on youtube is to portray all those who oppose pornography as bigots who just can’t accept people’s sexualities.

Apart from the fact that I am a gladly a bigot when it comes to sexual relationships that violate the autonomy of one or more parties involved I also have to just stop and be amazed at the doublethink.

I became antiporn because I knew sexism when I saw it, I knew racism when I saw it.  I didn’t give a fuck if people got off to it or not, I knew it was wrong to promote and maintain damaging stereotypes about marginalized peoples.  I wasn’t going to back down because I HATE BIGOTRY and I hate the bigots who justify their bigotry as “natural”, “normal” or…

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