Forcibly Corrected v. Trans*

If women’s rights were seriously appointed and adhered to, to the point of liberation (for which all radical feminists strive), then the rights which trans*people are also fighting for would be granted.

Nobody would be discriminated against because of their sex. Nobody would be forced to adhere to patriarchal stereotypes and gender roles. Male violence (whether against gender conformers or non-conformers) would not be tolerated. Everyone would be allowed to express themselves in their own way without fear of intolerance. Biological sex and reproduction would not be used as a discrimination tool.

Et al.

I don’t understand why so many trans folk are screaming for their own special rights when their rights are protected under sex-based protections and legislation. It seems safe to assume that it’s all about gender…

If we are to believe that MtTs are in every way female despite their male biology and upbringing, and if so many of these trans*women are identifying with pretty much everything else feminism has to say, WHY are they in such opposition to the very basic tenet of feminism that seeks to liberate women by emphasizing one of the very basic truths of our oppression as a class, our biological reality? If you are “really a woman”, and a feminist, why does the buck stop here?

For example: If I were a female who happened to be incapable of reproducing, this would not stop me from fighting for the rights of females to basic bodily autonomy and reproductive choice. I would still be able to see that, although I am different to them (and not personally affected by the dangers of impregnation), the oppression we ALL face is based on this most fundamental biological reality. I certainly wouldn’t be trying to erase this part of their oppression by insisting that because I am not oppressed in this way, that the entire class cannot be.

Similarly, the oppression of women continues through the enforcement of stereotypical gender roles and norms. ALL females will be oppressed under this system, whether they conform to gender sex-stereotypes or not. How can someone call themselves a woman, and ask us to believe it, when they are incapable of recognizing that gender is not an “inherent trait” used to identify oneself, but rather an extremely effective tool used to wield oppression against women in a patriarchal society?

The lack of choice (available options) for women, combined with specific gendered upbringing – leading us away from most of those few available options, lest we be socially ostracized (which we are raised to view as the worst punishment ever, see where this is heading?) – negates the idea that we are free and willing participants in the “choices” we make. I raise this issue specifically because the idea that women who do not transition (“cis”) are simply “comfortable” with their gender identity matching up to their given sex prevails, even as many radical feminists challenge and refute this notion, particularly those of us who are gender non-conforming lesbians. This trans* created fallacy about “people who are comfortable/uncomfortable with their sex and gender” allows those who support the trans ideology of “innate gender” to insist that these women are somehow “privileged” because their sex and gender expression “match up”, where those of trans*people do not. This belief perpetuates the lie that we have full agency and unlimited choice, which could not be further from the truth.

Femininity is carved into females in a painstakingly constant process from birth. Those who do not submit to this process (gender non-conforming females) are shown to be even less valued by society than those who do, which further encourages girls to submit to society’s narrow, rigid, and harmful expectations by way of that ever-popular ostracism threat.  They are damaged in a way that is comparable to those left-handed children who were forced (often violently via threats, caning, etc) to use their right hand. “Corrected”.

That this is born women’s reality should be acknowledged by those who wish to appropriate those enforced behaviors, all the while insisting that those behaviors are “innate traits” that we should not only be grateful for, but are privileged because of. It is evil incarnate to suggest to a group of oppressed people that you are the same as they are, simply because your behavioral patterns are similar, when you have not experienced the forceful carving of those behaviors in order to behave similarly, when you have chosen to identify yourself by the clothing and the behaviors that have been inflicted on that oppressed group as a way of controlling them.

For those “trans*feminists” who would have us believe that they are women trapped in men’s bodies, that they have always been women, even with male biology, why is it so difficult to take your feminist beliefs that final step further and refuse to see gender as something innate? If we are right about so much, why does the buck stop here? Maybe because that one belief will turn your “trapped in the wrong body” feeling into something much harder to fight against: That you are really not a woman at all, but a gender non-conforming man, but that patriarchy is the root of your own oppression even so.


4 thoughts on “Forcibly Corrected v. Trans*

  1. I have often thought this. If the trans politickers actually stood for all the things they claim to, they would just get out of our way and leave it up to us to fix stuff. But they don’t. B/c they don’t actually want an end to the oppression of women, they just want their own special little rights and they’ll happily screw all women over to get them.

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