On Shutting Down Punternet

ann tagonist

This petition has been doing the rounds on Facebook and probably other social networking sites that I don’t pay attention to.

The aim, as is clear from the title, is to shut down the website Punternet.com. I won’t sign this petition.

What can possibly be gained from shutting down Punternet? Will that stop men raping? Will it make them think twice about seeking out women who’s silence they can buy?

Men tell us who they are all the time and most of us don’t listen. When men tell us who they are as voraciously as they do on Punternet, women hear them.

Shutting down Punternet is sweeping it under the carpet. In most parts of the world, it’s not illegal to pay a woman in order to masturbate into her. Saying, “Ew! Censor these terrible men!” ignores that these terrible men are the regular johns. Shutting down Punternet is not…

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One thought on “On Shutting Down Punternet

  1. It will stop a mob mentality of acceptance to pay for the right to be violent to women. It will not end prostitution, but it will make vulnerable women less target-able. its there so that other men know which prostitutes they can get away with abusing more easily. It also opens up potential for revenge beatings if someone gets a “bad review”. My petition to shut it down is a way to stop exchanging negative views and should other websites be create afterwards, I continually hope to shut them down too.

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