Misogyny has no place in feminism

Telling us what we are has always been a method used by males in the oppression of females.

fire in my belly

Lauren Rankin is ‘a graduate student in Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University.’ She recently wrote an opinion piece, ‘Transphobia Has No Place in Feminism.’ The arguments put forward will not be news to radical feminists. But what did surprise me – and what prompted me to write this post – is the fact that Ms Rankin uses a quote from Simone de Beauvoir to support her argument. The quote will be familiar to anyone with even a cursory interest in feminism:

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman’  (The Second Sex)

If one reads the context in which Simone de Beauvoir made her famous assertion, it is clear that she was referring to the enforced feminisation of females. She was saying this begins from the day we are born. She was observing that females are not born ‘feminine’, but that social indoctrination forces…

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